Blindfolded Line, Dancing Through Time 2014

The moment a point is set in motion, a line is created. This line multiplied, creates a web or a network that constructs images or connects objects, people and places.

Line is a basic element of traditional image making. When multiplied on a flat surface, it creates shape and once freed from the picture plane, it can construct 3 dimensional form.  In the medical profession it results in graphs that demonstrate invisible occurrences such as internal body rhythms –  thereby signaling the presence or absence of life. In science, line represents trajectories and progressions, thus suggesting cause and effect over time. Line therefore maps routes and connects things across space and time.

Blindfolded line, dancing through time is a site-specific mixed media installation and a playful investigation of the dichotomy that exist between inner and outer landscape. The “blindfolded line” suggests the creative process as an ongoing journey: a continuous exploration driven by free association, inadvertent connections, interdisciplinary collaboration and repetitive actions. Whereas this exhibition is on the one hand an attempt to visually manifest the above points, it is more importantly an exploration of the creative process itself; a search, in the manner of many an explorer: With blind faith and vague direction.

The line strives to dance, but mostly stumbles ahead into unknown territories. As with most explorations the outcome is often a surprise.

Many of the works manifested through collaboration and interaction with other artists and designers. Collaborators include: Qubeka Bead Studio, Norman O’flynn, Barbara Wildenboer, Jacques Du Plessis, Richard De Jager, Beate Frommelt, Julián Fuks, Teemu Mäki, Alicia Marván, Caoimhghin O’Fraithile, Ulric Roldanus, Lieven Segers, Mithu Sen, Kirsty Tinklerand Ella Ziegler.


In commemoration of Liza Grobler’s 11th solo exhibition, Spier published the accompanying limited edition catalogue Blindfolded Line, Dancing Through Time.