Liza & Pierre experiences

video background - pierre

Liza Grobler & Pierre Fouche, in conversation, about their respective experience as artists-in-residence for the Social Fabric SA project.

Making Art

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Watch artist Liza Grobler talk colour, experience and process in this immersive studio visit.

Kloofstreet World Design Capital Video

AA_Kloof Street Half Square 02

See Liza’s works at Nando’s Kloof Street in partnership with the Half Square team as part of the Nando’s Accidental Art project (#WDC522). #artonfire



The second Accidental Art project is literally trending on Kloof Street. Brightly coloured hashtags amassed on the corner of Kloof Street in Cape Town, and we all know what hashtags mean: Something Very Important is happening.

The temporary art intervention was the mark of artist Liza Grobler, due to the installment of her permanent halfsquare accidental art piece in the upcoming weeks. In her typically playful and irreverent style, Grobler chose to glorify the symbol of our age – the hashtag. Referencing the viral nature of creative ideas, social media, conversations and collaboration, as well as the trendiness particular to this part of Cape Town, the hashtag was happily painted all over the tarmac.

Blindfolded Line, Dancing Through Time Video


Artist: Liza Grobler
Soundtrack: Mr. Cat & the Jackal
Venue: Oliewenhuis Art Museum
Dark human costume: David Griessel
Pink human costume: Mari-Louise

Thank you to everyone who had a contribution

A huge thank you to: Mr. Cat & the Jackal for the royalties of each song used within the soundtrack. Liza Grobler, the brilliant artist who made every art piece. Oliewenhuis, who hosted the exhibition.