Decor-Z 2015

This collaborative exhibition offers an off-beat take on home decoration. Liza Grobler selected the work of five artists to create a space that is reminiscent of home, yet is somehow distorted, as if in a dream. Grobler weaves it all together with multiple connections: her fence-like constructions span the exterior and spill into the exhibition space, with the interior cocooned by her mural drawing.

The five other participants are Mark Rautenbach, Marlise Keith, Barbara Wildenboer, Jeanne Hoffman and Daniella Mooney. Selected for their use of specific materials, and elements of craft and repetition in their work, their pieces create fresh conversations with Grobler’s own work, as well as with the space they inhabit.

Decor-Z is presented by Spier in association with Yellowwoods Art, and housed in Spier’s newly restored Old Kitchen adjoining the historical Werf. 

Photographer: Frans Smit