Imagination (for humans) 2010

Imagination (for humans) formed part of the Laboratory for Recycled Revolutions curated by Isa Suarez at the Greatmore Art walk.

This laboratory was an opportunity to nurture initiatives and express ideas in the vibrant Woodstock community.  It was an interactive platform for creative invention, investigation & intervention about ‘recycling’ what we’ve learnt. Using text as a form of expression, to re-mix past revolutions by proposing alternative solutions and thoughts. The hypothesis of the laboratory was: “Art can change the world in the sense that it can open up minds, challenge ideas and even have an impact on political decisions and global transformation. This has happened throughout history; we need to keep challenging ourselves especially considering the current contexts we are living in: racial issues, environmental chaos, land and housing, poverty, health, education to name just a few… Can we change the system or has the system changed us? Is there any point in trying to improve our societies?”

The promotion was carried out in Balmoral Supermarket, targeting random morning shoppers, and subsequently within the laboratory, where Imagination was handed out to gallery goers.

Directions for use: Take one sip as needed. Side-effects: Unlimited access to new ideas. Guarantee: The possibility to change the world. 100% pure imagination. Works within 60 seconds!!! (Terms and conditions do not apply.)