Kastige Classic

Kastige Classic
Installed dimensions: 3.05 x 1.5 x cm
Glass beads on board
Produced in association Qubeka bead studio

The poem Stellenbosch Revisited, is a playful analysis of Stellenbosch as a typical middle class Afrikaanscentred student town and the poet reflects on how he experienced this space at different times in his life: first as grungy, rebellious student and then twenty years later; a return to this space of his youth as an older writer and parent. It is not so much a question of amalgamating with that which one oppose, as a slow realization and acceptance of you physical space for the sake of love, for the sake of survival… Kastige Classic is a mixed media concrete poem, based on Danie Marais’ poem, Stellenbosch Revisited.

The visual elements reference different times in my personal art career: the first knitted work I ever made whilst still studying in Stellenbosch (middle, top right). The first time I taught students (bottom right). The first prestigious exhibition post studies (top left). A portrait of myself as a “visitor”, taken by Lien Botha a decade later for my 7th solo (middle top left). A drawing made during many moonlit nights at a residency in a distant country. A house with a Dutch gable as described in the poem which was visible from my studio in Observatory for 7 years . Ironically it was a gothic night club – like the ones I used to go to decades ago. The royal crown: an icon for creative thinking but also for oppression; a
contradictory symbol.