Kloofstreet World Design Capital 2014

ACCIDENTAL ART has been included as an official project in the World Design Capital Cape Town programme 2014. The second Accidental Art installation is a Half Square ceramic relief artwork by Liza Grobler, and marks the biggest Half Square piece to date, as well as the first exterior application of the ceramic art product.

Nando’s Kloof Street was the lucky recipient of this marvellous mural, which spans 20sqm and comprises over 6000 Half Square tiles, 100 colours (16 different blues make up the sky), and even a handful of gold coloured tiles realised in gold lustre.

Grobler’s design is based on a rich Fynbos landscape and echoes the silhouette of Signal Hill, which is located directly behind the Nando’s restaurant. This creates a play between the fore- and background, and urban and natural environments, also referencing a kind of oasis in the bustling city. The sense of Fynbos texture is conveyed through the multi-hued palette and nuanced gradations of Half Square units, as well as their dynamic triangular format. This solution demonstrates the full potential of the Half Square aesthetic – it is somehow simultaneously fixed and organic; with the triangles adding diagonal movement and allowing a wide range of tonal variation to an otherwise static grid.

This public art intervention is a departure of sorts from Grobler’s usual public pieces, which are normally temporary. Because of this piece’s permanence, she opted for a more open-ended design, to encourage discussion and public engagement rather than impose a specific point of view. In promoting this objective, fold-down benches by Pedersen + Lennard and an umbrella were installed at the site – complementing the artwork with Grobler’s signature sense of quirkiness and playfulness, and amplifying the idea of an urban oasis.

The striking mural was launched last week to a crowd of Nando’s executives, artists and media, with a delicious spread provided by Nando’s – the sponsors of Accidental Art.