No More Worlds To Conquer 2016

“The gods will offer you chances. Know them. Take them.” – Charles Bukowski

The title, No More Worlds To Conquer, does not refer to the fact that we’ve conquered all, but that the quest for ownership is not in fact the ultimate goal. Yellow is a colour of contradictory associations. It whispers of: sunshine, warmth and hope, but also of deceit, abuse of power and money…

No More Worlds to Conquer is a temporary site-specific contour drawing of things that cannot be seen. Will the next generation try to colonise other planets? What is life? How do we interact in meaningful ways within the space/time that we have?

I strive to shift perspectives by creating spaces that might be reminiscent of dreams. Ambivalent spaces that should not exist in the “real world”, but do for a short time, and then live on in memory. These spaces are created through repetitive, seemingly insignificant, actions. 

The work is constructed from a combination of crocheting/knotting/plaiting of ropes. The nets were made by hand by a group of women and are the same ones used by the mining industry. The work is activated by both performers and the viewers’ physical movement through the colour and space.

This work was commissioned for the atrium at the Iziko South African National Gallery with the generous support of Nando’s South Africa.