Playlist 2015

Playlist is a playful interpretation of a musical playlist. A colour experiment where music is the driving force behind the mark making and line direction. The playlist, “The best kicks against the pricks!”, was compiled by a friend and consists of a selection of rock and pop songs. It was listened to on repeat for the production of all five paintings. The premise was that a specific ground colour (white, blue, yellow, pink or green) would set a different tone in each instance.

The scale and format of the work was inspired by a recent visit to the Orangerie in Paris, where Monet’s Water Lilies are on permanent display. What becomes clear upon a visit to the Orangerie, is that the structure of the space forms an integral part of the experience. My aim was to create large non-referential colour fields that suggests a journey and also acknowledge the physical three-dimensional space and the viewer-object relationship. The viewer can loose themselves as they become enveloped by the colour and mark making. Yet, the paintings also become a type of second ‘skin’ that is experienced physically.

The large sculptural drop in the middle of the space, Suspension of Disbelief, is a place holder for the viewer. It is the life-force that connects inner and outer landscape and echoes the marks in the paintings.