Seven Looms of Silence 2017

“What is your guiding intuition?” I replied on the spur of the moment, “Making is thinking” – Richard Sennett

Seven looms of Silence is a visual abstraction of a weaving loom that consist of seven units. The work was commissioned by the clothing brand Trenery for the launch of the Autumn/Winter 2017 collection. It was their first-time collaboration with a contemporary South African artist. 

The installation consists predominantly of natural yarns used in the clothing items of the brand: merino, mohair and cotton. It honours the process of making and all the invisible hands involved in producing a single garment. The loom is a tool that manipulates thread into fabric through an ongoing repetitive process. Likewise, this spatial drawing creates surfaces through repetitive monochrome lines. Surfaces that subtly shift as the viewer moves through the piece.