Sometimes, you have to kill your darlings 2010

The performance was conceived for a one-night event at the Bijou Art Studios in Observatory (Cape Town). Sometimes, you have to kill your darlings is based on a phrase often used by a former lecturer (Timo Smuts).

It refers to the necessity to sometimes undo parts of (or an entire) artwork in order to successfully move forward with
the creative process. With this performance the material came full circle:  In 2001, a small sculptural work which was selected for the final round of a national art competition was returned in a box filled with thousands of polystyrene packaging chips. The chips were at least triple the volume of the actual artwork. Grobler often incorporates waste material in her work and instead of discarding the chips, she sew it together with pink thread to create a large hanging sculptural “nest” titled Muisneste in 2002. The performance Sometimes, you have to kill your darlings commenced with Grobler systematically and rhythmically taking apart this sculpture and the chips fell to the ground like blossoms to the (Andante) walking pace of a metronome. The performance accelerated to a visual crescendo that culminated in the dramatic collapse of the entire structure.