The Space Between / The Noise Behind 2016

Billed as ‘The Space Between / The Noise Behind’ the show is a curious mix of art and quackery, or as Grobler puts it — ‘pseudo-science’. What both Grobler and O’Flynn recognise is that art is always provisional, intangible, that at best all it can do is piggy-back reason with feeling. – Ashraf Jamal, art writer

Grobler constructed a series of fifteen oil and mixed media works. These works in hues of deep blue with bursts of colour slots together to form one long line that wrap around the gallery space and exude a rich pink glow. Each abstract unit, has an embedded phrase of Morse code that could be deciphered, but the messages are cryptic and reminiscent of Fairy Tales: ‘Light years apart’, ‘Far, far away’, ‘Wisp of Matter’, ‘No such thing’.

An intimate video installation records a private conversation between Grobler and O’Flynn and provides an insight into their making, meaning and inner space.